Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Into The Spirit

My RWA chapter had our annual holiday party this weekend and as always, it was a fun kickoff to the season. It's so nice to socialize with such a smart, talented group of women. But aside from that, it's great to see how much a bunch of writers can accomplish in one year. You see, we play a game with plastic leis. For each accomplishment (submission, manuscript completed, books sold, even rejections received) you get a lei. The person with the most leis at the end wins a prize. And every year, we are all ringed with multiple leis - numerous leaps, both huge and small that form the stepping stones in our individual journeys. I was so proud to notice that every single person in the group completed a manuscript this year. How amazing is that? So hats off to the fabulous ladies of Central Florida Romance Writers! You all rock.
On another note, how about a short, sweet holiday read to warm you up for the season?
Cinderella Tannenbaum was one of my very first stories published, but I still love this one. Here's a blurb:

Mindy Tannenbaum needs a date for her family New Years dinner to keep her nagging mother quiet. On a whim, she searches, hoping to connect with her high school heartthrob. But when the class nerd wants to contact her instead, will she be rewarded with Prince Charming or the ugly duckling?


Terry Odell said...

I agree - it's great to see the dedication of our chapter members. And the food wasn't half bad, either!

Naima Simone said...

Hi, Wynter!
My RWA chapter does something similar to yours! We receive a flower for each accomplishment, whether it's a submission, contest entry, request, etc. And if we receive a rejection we have a choice between chocolate, tissue or Band-Aids. We even receive a cool pencil/pen if we just wrote.
At our Reader's Luncheon we showed off our huge chapter bouquet of accomplishments. It's an awesome idea because it helps us all realize that we're moving forward in our careers and actively pursuing it.

Great twist on Cinderella, too! LOL!

Wynter Daniels said...

Terry - food was awesome - particularly a certain chocolate dessert. Going to your website to grab it now!
Naima - what great ideas. I love that you show off all the accomplishments. I will suggest something similar for our chapter. Thanks!

Katie Reus said...

I really thought it was cool too that everyone had completed a manuscript! CFRW rocks :)

Jina Bacarr said...

It's wonderful to see such a strong sisterhood among RWA chapters. I applaud all your efforts. Job well done!