Monday, November 9, 2009

Wynter is Almost Here

I recently decided to take a pseudonym and my new other self's first cover has just arrived. And I love it! From now on, all my spicy romances will bear the name Wynter Daniels. I've been thinking about using a pen name for a while, but when I started writing erotic romance, the decision was clear.
Why do writers take on a nom de plume? Many reasons. Some find their own name too difficult or cumbersome, others don't necessarily want to be found out in their real life. The reasons may be as varied as the writers themselves.
I'm not ashamed of my hotter work, but I do want to differentiate it from my other books. I write all over the spectrum - from Young Adult romances to erotic ones. And if you have a website that teenagers may visit, you don't really have a choice.
But the notion of being someone else, even if only on paper, is a little freeing. Once I decided Wynter would take responsibility for my more salacious prose, I allowed the words to flow. Unrestrained by my inner prude, I delved into a part of my creativity I hadn't allowed myself to tap into before. Wynter became and my inner editor, that had kept me from expressing certain taboo themes and frank language, ceased to hold me back.
I'm excited that Wynter will make her official entrance soon, although I don't have a date yet for the release of Can't Stand the Heat. But Wynter is on her way. I just sold another hot novella to Loose Id. Wynter's second story will be out next year.
In the meanwhile, here's a blurb for Can't Stand the Heat to whet your appetite:
Savannah chef Marissa Walker thought she was through with her gambling ex-husband, Billy when he left for Atlanta. When her boss brings Billy back into her life, she's forced to keep her emotions and her libido in check as they compete for the position of Head Chef. Little does she know that Billy's gambling debts followed him to Savannah along with a dangerous bookie willing to do whatever it takes to make Billy pay. Billy's deceit threatens to undermine the growing trust between the exes. Marissa soon realizes she's the one who's gambled not only her career, but her heart as well.


Terry Odell said...

Congrats on the new release and contract. I wonder how you plan to keep your identities separate, or do you? I know some authors whose real lives would suffer if their erotic writing careers were made public go to great lengths to keep their real names private. But if you've got two public names, can you keep people from finding out you're a dual-entity? For example, on this blog, it's obvious who you are. So if one of your YA readers found this, then they'd also find your erotica.

Curious minds want to know. I once subbed a sensual piece to an audio site that billed itself as "erotica for the blind" and the work was accepted. The site went out of business (of course -- they'd accepted my story - kiss of death, guaranteed), but I was going to use a pseudonym not because the story was erotic, but because the site was.

Wynter Daniels said...

Thanks, Terry. This blog will switch over soon and eliminate any trace of the real me;-) I don't plan a "cover-up" or anything, but all my WD information will have an over 18 warning. Let's face it. Kids are way more tech savvy than the rest of us and if they seek, they will probably find.

Savannah Stuart said...

I struggled with this too and eventually decided to make a separation. I'm like you, it's not a secret, it's more of a marketing thing, keeping certain genres separate :) Oh, and I LOVE the cover. Can't wait til it's released!

Nancy J. Cohen said...

Great cover and I love your new name. Very original.

Calista Fox, Author said...

Congrats on the new name and book, Wynter! Beautiful cover!!!