Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warming Up the Fall Nights!

Hi, all! Calista here with a new release. And let's just say, it's one of those books that can help heat up the chilly Autumn nights! Nothing like a little cherry-flavored edible paint, champagne and red silk ties to liven up the weekend, right? :-) Here's a little about SIMPLY DECADENT, my latest Red Sage release:


Too busy for romance? Every woman has been there and knows what that's like. But for workaholic Cassandra Valentine, this has become an almost permanent state. She loves her job to the point that she has forgotten about other kinds of love.

Seth Bryant is about to remind her that some things are worth a little extra time. After whisking her away to a romantic weekend retreat, he'll use every available trick -- and toy -- to win her attention for good.

Because when life gets too complicated, sometimes the only cure is simple decadence.


The stroke of the paintbrush was slow and languid, as though he had all the time in the world to drag the soft, crimson-colored bristles along her skin. The sensuous touch of the wet brush and the coolness of the creamy, cherry-scented body paint on her warm flesh made her tingle from head to toe.

As the long, continuous stroke slid down her neck, pausing to fill the hollow of her throat, Cassandra Valentine’s eyelids fluttered closed.

She knew the trail Seth intended to blaze with his edible paint. Knew it would be a scorcher.

“You’re enjoying this.” His deep, intimate tone sent a ripple of excitement through her.

“I’ll allow you to gloat,” she whispered, her voice sounding sultry even to her own ears. Her eyes remained closed, but she could picture hunky Seth in her mind. Tall, tanned and muscular, dressed in nothing but a pair of faded Levi’s. Dark-as-night hair. Dazzling ocean blue eyes. A face and body that could have been sculpted by an artist.

Seth was easily the most gorgeous man she’d ever known—or slept with.

He had a dark, edgy look that drove her wild. He was damn sexy. Sensuous. Sizzling.

No word seemed quite hot enough to describe Seth Bryant.

“I’m not gloating,” he told her. “In fact, I’m not even going to belabor that little meltdown you had in the car. I know you hate to leave town in case someone needs to reach you. But it’s a holiday weekend, babe. No one’s doing business.”

“I know. I just—”

“Shh,” he said. “No thinking or worrying about work. For the next two days, you’re all mine. I plan to worship every inch of this gorgeous body. And I just might break the record for most orgasms delivered in a forty-eight-hour period.”

A shiver of exhilaration chased up her spine. The thought of being Seth’s “sex toy”—the recipient of all his erotic attention—made her wet.

And she was already proving to herself, and to him, that she could banish thoughts of work and give herself over to every tantalizing sensation he evoked. Rather than reaching for her Blackberry the moment they’d entered the cottage, Cass had agreed to strip down and lay on the bed, allowing Seth to play out whatever wicked game popped into his head.

Admittedly, it wasn’t so difficult to savor the tingling of her skin and the prickly feeling between her legs. She was enjoying the attention Seth paid her body.

She could do this.

Propped on the edge of the king-size bed, which felt more heavenly than any Heavenly Bed® she’d slept in, Seth leaned over her as he oh-so-slowly spread the paint across her collarbone before the brush inched downward, gliding over her skin in a fluid motion. It dipped lower still, until she felt the soft bristles tickle the inner swell of her left breast.

Her bare nipples tightened in anticipation of his touch. A breeze blowing off the bay and in through the opened patio doors swept over her dewy skin, heightening her arousal. The soft rustle of the sheer curtains billowing inward, gently flapping on the humid, salty air, was the only sound Cass heard.

Other than her erratically pounding heart and the soft sigh that escaped her parted lips.

As her excitement escalated, her fingers plowed through Seth’s thick hair. She tried to coax his head to her breasts, longing for the feel of his lips and tongue on every inch of her. Particularly the sensitive parts.

“Uh-uh,” he whispered. “Not yet.”

At the very least, she wanted him to finally, finally, let the bristles sweep over her aching nipple. But Seth obviously intended to take his time pleasuring her.

As he leaned over her, Cass felt the heat he emitted. His free hand was planted next to her hip as the other hand continued to guide the brush in its sensual teasing of her flesh. When the soft bristles drew up over her breast, Cass caught her trembling bottom lip between her teeth.

He was so close!

Instinctively, she arched her back, pushing her body closer to Seth.

He chuckled. “Greedy girl.” When his head dipped, his warm breath caressed her skin, setting her insides on fire. “I’m almost there.”

“Hurry,” Cass whispered, desire and need wrapped around that one word. She could hardly wait for Seth to reach his destination. Just an inch further and he’d swipe the paint over her nipple, which now, she was certain, was tighter than it had ever been before.

“You have beautiful breasts.” His voice rumbled in his chest and reverberated deep within her.

“That are dying for your touch,” she said in a strained voice. “Seth... Please…”

“I like it when you beg, baby.” His tone was pure sin. “Turns me on.”


Armenia said...

Congrats your new release, Calista. That was one hot excerpt. Thanks for the tease!!

Katie Reus said...

Congrats on your release! Love the excerpt ;)

Dara Edmondson said...

Whoa! Yummy stuff. Body paint is totally hot.

ddurance said...

*pant*pant*pant* lol