Monday, October 5, 2009


How much of what I write is based on my own personal experiences? You wouldn’t believe how often I am asked that question – by interviewers, friends, acquaintances and others. Considering that a lot of what I write is erotica, this is an incredibly personal question. But readers want to know and I get that. For me, it depends on what type of scene or character I am writing. Nearly all of my supporting characters are loosely based on friends, relatives and the like. Why? Frankly, it’s easier that way! And it makes the characters more believable.

My heroes and heroines are different, though. These characters evolve as I flesh out the story and although I may take a trait here or there from people in my lives, the character as a whole is totally fictional. The most important question I ask myself about a particular person is what makes them tick and why?

One thing I’ll never divulge is where I get the sexual scenes. If I told you, I’d have to kill you;-) Seriously though, learning to write a compelling sex scene that accomplishes everything it needs to was one of the most challenging things I’ve had to tackle in my journey as an author.

The build-up toward the scene is crucial. The tension must ratchet higher and higher so the payoff will be explosive. Not only must it be sexy and evocative, but it must convey hero’s and heroine’s strengths and weaknesses, hopes and fears. It has to move the plot along and uncover deeper pieces of the character’s emotions. Yet it also should be choreographed, much the same as a fight scene. After all, you don’t want bodies moving in impossible ways.

A character’s thoughts during sex must be believable. Women seem to think things to death at this time while men – well, they think mostly with the little brain. If a man has long, rambling thoughts during sex, what’s going on is less than exciting for him! Men are way too single-minded for too much thought at that time.

It’s truly an art to create a scene that excites and titillates, yet accomplishes all those necessary tasks as well. But next time you pick up a sexy book, don’t think about all that goes into that scene. Just enjoy the delicious tension, soak up the colorful descriptions and enjoy.

I’m so excited to be sharing this Blog with ladies who pen such captivating heat. To celebrate, I will give away a download of my first Red Sage novella, Captured. Just leave a comment here and I will draw a winner. And don’t forget to keep checking back. All the Naughty Chicks welcome you!


Carly Carson said...

Great job at capturing in a nutshell what needs to be present. It's way more than body parts. Good luck with the (new?) blog.

Dara Edmondson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Carly. Yes - it's a new Blog and we're excited about it!

Savannah Stuart said...

Great post! Men and women are soooooo different and like you said, that should definitely be evident during the sex scenes above all. If a man talks too much or thinks to much I'm like no way, and it pulls me out of the story.

Helen Hardt said...

You're so right -- writing a captivating sex scene is hard, no pun intended ;). Like Carly said, you did a great job detailing what needs to be there. Wonderful post!


Calista Fox, Author said...

You said it--the more sexual tension the hotter the scene! And I highly recommend Captured to readers--you're going to want to comment and win Dara's fantastic book!

Dara Edmondson said...

Thanks, ladies. Taking a break to check in right in the middle of a steamy moment (of writing, that is;-)

Enid Wilson said...

I was asked this question a lot during interviews too. I actually wander off to another world when I write. So I seldom use my personal experience or friends' or relatives' experience, much to their disappointment.

Steamy Darcy

ddurance said...

Oh yes, definitely the tension and those butterflies you get.